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Fancy being an Amazonia volunteer?

Here at Amazonia we are pleased to offer 4 month voluntary placements suitable for people with an interest in animals, wildlife and conservation and a willingness to convey that interest to others.

There will be very little direct contact with animals but you will have the opportunity to learn about their care and be able to observe them at a more in depth level than the average visitor.

Volunteering at Amazonia provides an opportunity to be involved in zoo based education and to gain valuable experience in a competitive industry. Placements would be suitable for students on animal or education related courses and there may be the opportunity to conduct behavioural research projects during your placement.

Experience with animals is not necessary, just a genuine interest and willingness to learn. As communication with visitors is a part of the volunteer role we are looking for confident, outgoing individuals, comfortable speaking to a wide range of people as well as sharing their passion for wildlife with others.