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Wristband & Fun Point FAQ’s

Q. Are you operating a wristband system for the outside rides in season 2023?
A. Yes, good news, they are back!

*All Day Wristbands are for outside rides only and does not include coin operated, prize winning games and specialist rides.

Wristbands can only be used on the day selected and are not transferable.

Q. Do you offer a Adult & Toddler wristband?
A. Yes, the Adult & Toddler wristband Includes 1 Adult (18+)and 1 Toddler Ride all day. (Child needs to be under 1.1 metres)

Includes 1 Adult (18+) and 1 Toddler Ride all day. (Under 1.1 metres) This wristband offer inclues the following rides.
Toddler Only Rides
Pirate Party, Jungle Madness, Adventure Convoy, Fantasy Land Carousel
Toddler & Adult Rides
White Water, Big Apple, Flying Jumbo’s, Dodgems, Moby’s Revenge, Monster Trucks, Pirate Train, Red Baron
Wristbands each include 1 ride on the Carousel and 1 game of Devils Islands Golf
Does not include coin operated prize winning games, specialist rides and attractions

Q. What other option is there if I don’t want to purchase a wristband?
If you prefer you can choose to use our Fun Point Card system.

Q. Do you offer carer concessions
A. Yes, we offer this on our wristband option. You would buy the required wristbands 24 hours in advance and we would supply the carer wristband Free of charge at the ticket office on the day of your visit. To qualify for a carer’s wristband you must present your carer’s ID card / certificate when redeeming your booking.

Q. What is a Fun Point Card and how much does a Fun Point cost?
A. 1 Fun Point = £1.00 and these fun points are scanned onto your Fun Point Card. Fun Points never go out of date so please hang on to your card.

Q. What is the options when buying Fun Points ONLINE?
A. The following offer is only available ONLINE 24 hours in advance.

Buy £10 Fun Points and receive £5.00 Bonus Fun Points FREE
Buy £20 Fun Points and receive £10.00 Bonus Fun Points FREE
Buy £30 Fun Points and receive £15.00 Bonus Fun Points FREE
Buy £40 Fun Points and receive £20.00 Bonus Fun Points FREE

Q. Where do I buy Fun Points?
A. You are best to buy Fun Points online as you will receive the FREE BONUS Fun Points (Must be purchased 24 hours in advance)
You can also buy or top up on the day on site via the ticket office, tills or our new Automated Fun Point Kiosks situated in the Game Zone arcade. Please be aware when purchasing on site, you will not qualify for the FREE BONUS Fun Points. Even more benefits to purchasing online.

Q. Where can I use my PAID for Fun Points?
A. Paid for Fun Points can be used for all outside rides, Game Zone Arcade, entry to Amazonia, Devil’s Island Adventure Golf, Krazy Congo Soft play and Cosmic Bowl our indoor ten pin bowling alley. Paid for Fun Points can also be used at most of our indoor and outdoor food outlets, including the Bistro at the loch, Beer Garden, Mario and Dino’s Pizza and the majority of the catering units.

Q. Where can I use my FREE Bonus Fun Points?
A. Free Bonus Fun Points can be used for outside rides only and does not include coin operated prize winning and specialist rides & attractions.

Q. What would happen if I don’t use all my Fun Points on the day I visit?
A. Fun Points never go out of date, so you can use on a return visit, please remember to keep you Fun Point Card safe.

Q. What happens if I lose my Fun Point Card?
We now have a new facility (Fun Point Automated Kiosks) onsite within the Game Zone Arcade where you can register your card. Once your card is registered, we can retrieve your details and cancel your lost card and issue you with a new one. There will be a £1.00 charge for a replacement card.

Q. Is there an entry fee to visit M&Ds Scotland’s Theme Park?
A. No, there is no entry fee to M&Ds, only those wishing to use the rides and attractions have to pay.

Q. Are there any restrictions to use the rides?
A. Yes, height restrictions apply to all rides and these are listed on the ride section of the website. Link to rides

Q. Where do I park when visiting M&Ds Scotland’s Theme Park?
A. We have parking available at the front and the rear of M&D’s Scotland’s Theme Park, which is free.

Q. Are dogs allowed on site?
A. Assistance dogs are allowed on site. All other dogs are allowed outside only.

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