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(Potos flavus)


Also known as the ‘honey bear’, the kinkajou is a nocturnal (active at night) rainforest mammal related to animals including coatis and raccoons. They are often mistaken for lemurs, monkeys or even ferrets but are not related to any of these. An adult kinkajou can measure up to 60cm long and has a dense fur coat, golden brown in colour. Kinkajous have a prehensile (gripping) tail, which they use as an extra limb.

Habitat & Distribution

Kinkajous inhabit the canopy layer of tropical forests in Central and South America.


Although omnivores (eating both meat and plants), it is thought that their diet consists 90% of fruit, and 10% of leaves and flowers. Kinkajous play an important role in seed dispersal in the rainforest.

Conservation Status

Least concern.