The Disk’O is unlike any other ride! With a unique seating style and over 10M HIGH, the rush of the Disk’O is not to be missed! You must be over 1.2m to ride the Disk’O. Book your Ride All Day Wristband NOW!

Mad Mouse

Have a go on our ‘Spinning Rollercoaster’ at Scotland’s Theme Park! Mad Mouse is a whirling adventure you don’t want to miss! Book tickets or secure your season pass now.

Flying Carpet

Embrace your inner Aladdin with a ride on the Flying Carpet which swoops you 15ft into the air. One trip on the Flying Carpet and you’ll be using your three wishes from the Genie to go back on the ride again and again. Grab your tickets to M&D’s NOW!

Runaway Mine Train

Best make sure you hold on to your hats onboard our Runaway Mine Train! The Runaway Mine Train will have you looking for gold at each twist and turn on this thrill-seeking journey, just remember your friends when you find the gold… Grab your tickets to M&D’s NOW!

Captain’s Curse

Make sure you’re not left to walk the plank when you take a trip on Captain’s Curse. Hold on to everything you hold dear, mateys and make sure your treasure doesn’t get tossed overboard!


The clue is in the name….riders are taken on a whirlwind journey when they venture on to M&D’s biggest rollercoaster. At more than 1000m long, you’ll be taken on this journey at rapid speeds of up to 80kmph.

Wave Swinger

Waving on this ride is only for the fearless as you’re spun around on one of our 32 tilted chairs at speeds of up to 14rpm. One of the traditional funfair rides, this is still a favourite with thrill-seekers.