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1. General statement and objectives

Scotland’s Theme Park appreciates the vital contribution of our staff to our business and is therefore  committed to key principles of Scotland’s Business Pledge. Scotland’s Theme Park  will always strive to achieve fair work practices across all areas the business, whether these are with their own staff, or supply chain. Staff must be treated fairly, with equality and respect whatever their role, demographic or status within the company. All staff must be rewarded fairly, with the confidence of job security and a say in how they can participate and grow alongside our business.

2. Job Security

At Scotland’s Theme Park  we want to provide positions that are both flexible and rewarding for all members of the team that work around their specific circumstances and commitments wherever possible.

Despite the fact that our business is highly seasonal all staff are employed directly by Scotland’s Theme Park, and we do not have any staff on “0” hours contracts. All staff receive a contract term and the number of hours that suit both them and the business. We have a core full time workforce and for seasonal positions we particularly target the development of young persons and students allowing them grow in confidence within the business environment while working around their studies.

We work with a lot of the same seasonal staff that come back to us year after year as this suits their circumstances and commitments allowing us to foster a positive work environment that nurtures new talent and promotion from within.

All staff are automatically enrolled in the company pension scheme and staff are encouraged to save into this where they can.

Scotland’s Theme Park actively ensures that there is full inclusion and no inequality by the following means:

All staff will paid the same rate for their age and or grade irrespective of other demographic characteristics.
·      We will actively recruit from local area fostering the diversity and inclusion seen within it. This includes but is not limited to staff with learning, physical or mental impairments providing them with ongoing mentorship to enable them to positively contribute like all others and carry out their responsibilities within the business.

·      Scotland’s Theme Park  are committed to ensure all core staff receive at least the National Living Wage.

·      Further details of these provisions can also be seen within our; Equal Opportunities Policy, and Disability Policy

3. Respect for customers and colleagues

We are 100% committed to the Health Safety and Wellbeing of all our staff. All staff will receive a full safety induction on starting with the business and additional refresher training every year on all equipment used and standard and behaviours required to both our customers and colleagues.

All staff are provided all Personal Protective Equipment where required for their position free of charge. Staff must be involved with the process or risk assessment and development of safe systems of work though both a safety committee as well as, directly with the Senior Management team if they have any issues, concerns or potential improvements.

The company is also independently audited be an external HSEQ consultancy firm who obtains staff feedback independently of the management chain and they in turn provide anonymised staff concerns back to the management chain if required.

As a family run company Scotland’s Theme Park is keen to foster the same family values with our staff. This is demonstrated through its commitment to respect for others, as well as a genuine concern for everyone’s health and wellbeing and a desire for them to do well.

Where it is possible, Scotland’s Theme Park  will always grant any flexible working request. This can include changing roles within the company were required in order to facilitate the normal changes that all people experience throughout their life whether these are by choice or to support their own family is different ways.

4. Opportunity for staff to develop and prosper

Scotland’s Theme Park is keen to reflect the diversities in the local areas as well as those seen within our customers. As such staff are selected based on a strict job profile. This is designed to be as inclusive as possible to reflect the diversities of the area that we work within.

Once employed staff receive detailed induction training and a personal development plan in conjunction with their departmental manager.

Staff will initially be mentored by experienced staff to help them develop and become familiar with the positions as well as their path for progression.

Where possible we will always strive to build on our staff experience and promoted from within. Only where specific skills or qualities are required, and these are not present within our current staffing profile, will be recruit from outside.

Scotland’s Theme Park  invest more than £50000 per year in staff development activities including the training, mentoring and development of staff. This is split between departments and allocated dependent on staff development plans in consultation with the company’s core objectives and priorities.

Fair work practices and staff development are monitored at board level and Scotland’s Theme Park have a vigorous monitoring system that produces management information and statistics. This includes but is not limited to, recruitment and retention statistics, pay and gender demographics, training and development activities conducted. This is continuously monitored for any areas which can be improved upon.

5. Staff Fulfilment

From the moment an employee start working within Scotland’s Theme Park there is a pathway for continuous support, development and coaching.

This applies to all staff whether full or part-time, seasonal or for specific event contracts.

Each department implements its own training, identifying potential requirements for individuals and providing a process of on-the-job training as well as external training support if required.  Examples of core training support provided to all employees include first aid, fire safety, working at heights and food & hygiene.
Regular appraisals are held where employees are encouraged to provide input into how they are enjoying their jobs and highlight any areas requiring support, change or development .  This is discussed between the team member and manager and forms the foundation for future personal development plans.
We also offer a staff reward in terms of a staff discount scheme on all activities and food and soft drinks within the complex which the staff enjoy. We also conduct staff nights / staff preview nights for events. This help to foster the family environment and allows for individually to get to know their colleague a foster good working relationship.
Scotland’s Theme Park also operate a monthly department reward scheme for everyone who demonstrates ‘going the extra mile’.  Managers choose a member of staff from their department and Directors select a manager and both are recognised amongst their peers for outstanding effort and receive additional financial rewarded.
6. Staff Involvement


Scotland’s Theme Park is committed to using all resources available to build the business to increased staff training motivation and commitment. This is achieved primarily through harnessing to power and voice of the workforce to help develop and build the business and customer experience.


This is achieved by the following methods:


Weekly management and team meetings where colleagues are actively encouraged to raise and discuss ideas, issues requiring attention, improvement or maybe concerns. These are noted and actioned with the results circulated. Topics are varied and wide ranging from staff voting on the names of new attractions / events,  to the inclusion of popular menu items for our food and beverage outlets. This is supported by departmental WhatsApp groups where the progress of ongoing jobs is discussed and, where relevant, images shared, enabling immediate changes to be implemented where necessary.
Scotland’s Theme Park pride themselves as being a family business and extolling the virtues of the family. The Directors are all hands on and are always walking round the sites to speak so staff and see how they are, and how the business is developing. This created the unique positive environment to allow for two-way flow of ideas and dialogue that not only benefits the business but benefits the colleagues as well as they also feel part of the development process.
7. Environmental performance and sustainability.


Scotland’s Theme Park is committed to minimising it impact on the environment and being as sustainable as possible. To achieve this, we have set our goal as being Net “0” by 2040


This is achieved by the following methods:


Maximise opportunities for staff to share lifts and cycle to work where possible.
Utilise low energy lighting wherever practicable.
Utilise low emission generations or use existing power supply wherever possible.
More details of our sustainability objectives can be seen in our sustainability policy document.