Disco Boats

Bring your rhythm to the water as you get movin’ and groovin’ on board our Disco Boats. Once those hips start shaking you’ll never come off! Get shaking now with our Season Passes!

Runaway Mine Train

Best make sure you hold on to your hats onboard our Runaway Mine Train! The Runaway Mine Train will have you looking for gold at each twist and turn on this thrill-seeking journey, just remember your friends when you find the gold… Grab your tickets to M&D’s NOW!


Little ones need to buckle up and get ready for some bumpy driving as you whizz around our timeless classic – Dodgems! Make your 2019 FUNTASTICAL with out Season Pass!

Big Wheel

Sit back and relax on our iconic Big Wheel for a panoramic view of the Strathclyde Loch and surrounding area. You’ll be left speechless as you soar 35m into the air on one of the 24 spinning gondolas. Find out when you can enjoy this timeless classic on our 2019 opening times.

Flying Jumbos

Enjoy the wind blowing through your hair as you soar across the sky on board the Flying Jumbos. Sit back and relax as mummy elephant keeps a watchful eye to stop you flying too close to the sun. Enjoy hours of FUNTASTICAL entertainment in 2019 with our Season Pass.

Sea Storm

Do you have the stomach for the Sea Storm? Be sure to bring your sense of adventure as you navigate through the choppy waters of M&D’s, on board the Sea Storm. Make your 2019 a bit more adventurous with our Season Pass.

White Water

Even if the Scottish weather is behaving itself, a ride on White Water is sure to mean you’re going to get wet! The log flume plunges you down a 42m ravine with two smaller 20m drops throughout the ride. Get the most out of M&D’s with our 2019 Season Pass!

Moby’s Revenge

The only way is down as you hurtle your way back to dry land on Moby’s Revenge. Expect the unexpected as you plummet down your chosen slide.

Big Apple

Take a bite from one of our post popular children’s rides. Hop on board the hungry caterpillar and experience the twists and turns as it munches its way through this delicious red apple.