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AMAZONIA will be posting new online lessons from January 26th to March 16th 2021!

Amazonia are delighted to be bringing wildlife to your home throughout lockdown and helping to liven up lesson time!

New video lessons and activity sheets will be available HERE every Tuesday, starting on January 26th!

These lessons are completely FREE and you do not need to book, and the new lessons can be viewed any time after they have been uploaded!

Lesson 8 Available NOW!

Download your Lesson 8 Activity Pack here!

Lesson Plan

Lesson 1 (26th January) – Introduction to Tropical Rainforests – VIDEO Activity Sheet

Lesson 2 (2nd February) – Forest Floor Layer – VIDEOActivity Sheet

Lesson 3 (9th February) – Understory Layer – VIDEOActivity Sheet

Lesson 4 (16th February) – Canopy Layer – VIDEOActivity Sheet

Lesson 5 (23rd February) – Emergent Layer – VIDEOActivity Sheet

Lesson 6 (2nd March) – Nocturnal Creatures – VIDEOActivity Sheet

Lesson 7 (9th March) – Threats to the Rainforest – VIDEOActivity Sheet

Lesson 8 (16th March) – Fun Interactive Session with 3 Creatures – VIDEOActivity Sheet

Activity sheets for each lesson will be available on this page the day the lesson is live!