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Orange Winged Amazon Parrot

Orange Winged Amazon Parrot

(Amazona amazonica)


Orange-winged Amazon parrots are a medium sized parrot, mainly green in colour, with blue and yellow feathers on their head. They have orange feathers in the wings and tail, which can be seen in flight. The male and female are identical in external appearance. During the day these birds are generally seen flying in pairs above the forest canopy, foraging for fruits and seeds. In the evening, pairs gather in the trees to roost communally, with many thousands of birds roosting together.

Habitat & Distribution

Native to central and north eastern parts of South America, including Brazil, Peru and Columbia. These parrots inhabit mangrove forests, lowland forests, savannah and coastal regions. They prefer moist forests rather than dry woodlands.


Fruit, seeds, nuts, berries and leaf buds.

Conservation Status

Least concern.